Recently we are raising the capital for Aron Flying Ship co., Ltd ('AFS') in Korea. This company wants fresh global capital which can help this to go abroad for sales.

AFS is the manufacturer of Wig craft (flying ship) called Aron-7. 

ARON-7 is a 5 passenger WIG craft from Korea that is on mass production today. 

This craft is a ship complies IMO rules (classification as WIG Type B). Top speed 200km/h, climb at height up to 150 meters, cruising speed 120-150km/h, engine type (unleaded gasoline) at power of 170 hp. 
Operate in Korea waters at 70% of the yearly period. Burn almost 25liters per hour in WIG mode with range of 800 km.

Already this craft completed the test over 500 times and POSCO invested in this company.

If you watch this video clip, then somewhat easy understand this product.

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