Posted 2013. 8. 7. 21:20

Buy side


Willbes (KOSPI)'s acquisition of KTB Network Co.

Willbes (KOSPI)'s acquisition of MSTech Co.

Hansol Group's acquisition of Korea marvel Co.

Hansol Group's acquisition of Oksori Co.

Hansol Group's acquisition of Hansol PNS Co. (former Kwanglim)

Shinwon Group's acquisition of KwangMyung Electrics Co. 

GeoPyung Group's acquisition of Taepyungyang Fashion Co. 

Hansol Group's acquisition of YoungWoo company Co.

PoHang saving bank's acquisition of YongDuk saving bank

ChangNyung saving bank's acquisition of Paradise saving bank

KCC Corporation co.'s acquisition of JinYang MoonMak Factory asset

Korea Tarpaulin Inc.'s acquisition of Korea KDK Co.'s acquisition of the division of Portal business of Intizen Co.

Cnexus Inc.'s acquisition of Enter one Co. (KOSDAQ)

Merger of DaeKyung Env., DaeKyung EnTech and DaeKyung clico.

IONE venture capital Co.'s acquisition of C&L venture capital Co.

Job Korea Co.'s acquisition of OAB Co.

Job Korea Co.'s acquisition of Humanpia Co.

Yes 24 Co.'s acquisition of Wow book

Merger of Wow book Co. and Gold book Co.

Saehan Information Technolgy Inc.'s acquisition of Dongseo Express Co.

Hanbitnet Co.'s acquisition of Jung&Lee Accounting Institute Co.

Ace High Tech's acquisition of Japan Kyoto Bio Pharma Co.


Sell side


SM Kwon's divestment of Job Korea Co. to Monster Worldwide Inc.

Cnexus's divestment of Enter one Co. 

Sonus Technology Co.'s divestment of Shinsung Ind. Contruction Co.

Divestment of Orientech (KOSDAQ)

Divestment of AP Woojoo Tongshin Co.

DaeKyung Group's divestment of DaeKyung Technos Co.

Divestment of Hanbitnet Co., Ltd (KOSDAQ)

Willbes(KOSPI)'s divestment of to eBay Inc.

BD Lee's divestment of Korea Cable Broadcast Co. to CJ

Korea Corporation Investment's divestment of Next Play Co. to NC soft

Korea Corporation Investment's divestment of Ndoors to Nexon Co.

Hanson Tech Co.'s divestment of Business assets to Korea Industry Technology (KOSPI)

YK Lee's divestment of Plasmart Co. to MKS Instruments (NASDAQ)



Acquisition of Scandal Cosmetic Korea

Investment in ANT Korea Inc.

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