We begin ICO consulting business

Posted 2018. 6. 6. 22:20

We never thought about that we begin to advise on ICO before, because I am expert in investment not technology.

We invested in small block chain venture in 2014 by chance and fortunately it is very famous for its technology of block chain.

The members who came from variety universities like KAIST, Seoul National University, Yeonsei Univerity, Cornell university and so on, are very enthusiastic about development of new block chain platform and almost finished.

Surely they opened their technology through technical whitepaper and maybe they will begin main network release test in coming August.

Due to their reputation, they have rush of ICO technical supporting requests and their clients asked to look for even ICO consulting team. 

Therefore, we begin ICO consulting business and Thailand gold mining ICO is our first project.

Maybe we will make agreement with the client of second ICO project.

Our consulting is different from the others who has no technical base. New block chain platform and experts in investment field are our advantage.

Knock on Korea M&A and you can feel comfortable service for ICO.

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